Qigong with Carlos


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These videos were recorded while vacationing in California.



On April 30th we celebrated World Tai Chi and Qigong Day. The following video was shot at Granite Park in Sandy Utah and is dedicated to the loving memory of Master Cheng Tsang Lu (1949-2022).

Special thanks to Scott White and Toni Lock for organizing and leading the opening classes!


The following video was my required video submission for my formal Qigong Teacher Training. The video is packed with information intended to explain the Chinese Five Element theory and related Qigong movements.

While the video is rough around the edges, I'm sharing it here as a placeholder until I create and post future videos.


This video was an experimental video to test the video production tools I'm using. Still it's nice to watch and consider the message it offers


Created in flow ☯️ by Carlos Justiniano ©2022